Facebook Outage and Facebook Down September 18 2009

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The global social networking website Facebook and Facebook outage was down September 18, 2009. I am not sure, why it went down and what’s wrong with Facebook server? Last month too Facebook and Twitter were out for several hours. Both had said that they faced denial of service attack from some hackers.

Facebook has had a number of outages and downtime large enough to draw some media attention. A 2007 outage resulted in a security hole that enabled some users to read other users’ personal mail. In 2008, the site was inaccessible for about a day, from many locations in many countries.

In spite of these occurrences, a report issued by Pingdom found that Facebook had less downtime in 2008 than most social networking websites. On September 16, 2009, Facebook started having major problems with loading when people signed in.

On September 18, 2009, Facebook went down for the second time in 2009, the first time being when a group of hackers were deliberately trying to drown out a political speaker who had social networking problems from continuously speaking again the IRANIAN election results.

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