Email Login- Check Clearwire Email Online, the parent company for the Clearwire brand, offers unlimited 4G internet on the go and email service through its email. You can easily check Clearwire email accounts online from the Clearwire homepage or from the webmail login.

Signing in from

From, look for the "Sign in" link at the top right corner of the page, above the search box.This takes you to the My Account page, which is also the email login page. The main sign-in box logs you into your account, which is where you can perform services, such as paying your bill. If you are a new CLEAR customer and you need to set up your Clearwire email account, you can sign in here to do so. Otherwise, the main sign-in box does not provide Clearwire email access.

From the My Account page, look to the right sidebar that reads "Check Email." This is the Clearwire email login, which offers a link to email access. Select the email link to be automatically redirected to your e-mail access page. From there, type your username and password in the text boxes to log in to your email account.
With so many links, the My Account page can be confusing to navigate. After you login a couple of times, you’ll remember where to go.

Direct Webmail Access

You can get direct Clearwire email access by going to This bypasses the My Account page altogether, getting you to your email faster. From thel login page, enter in your username and the password that you created. Click the "Sign in" button when you are done to sign into your Clearwire email.


If you’re a mobiel phone user, you can also perform a direct webmail login from a mobile phone at To create a shortcut for next time, bookmark the Clearwire login page using the Bookmarks tab. On future visits, navigate to the login page using your browser’s Bookmarks menu. The sign-in process for mobile devices remains the same. If you want, click the box that says "Stay signed in" to remain logged in to your e-mail account. This saves you from having to remember your username and password, and might be a good option if you have a private computer. If you use a shared or public computer to check your email, you probably don’t want to remain logged in because you risk sharing your personal data with others.


If you cannot access your account with your username and password or if you have forgotten your access information, you have a couple of options. To reset the Clearwire e-mail password, login to My Account Portal by pasting the following link into your web browser: From there, select a new password. If you can’t remember your login information, you must contact Clearwire customer service. Once you retrieve the correct login information, return to the Clearwire webmail login page and sign in.

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