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  • Don’t wait for your statement to arrive in the mail. Use Bank of America’s Online Banking service to view and track your accounts anytime.
  • Forgot to send a birthday gift? Transfer money fast to friends and family from your computer.
  • Life is hectic. Sign up for Online Banking and receive account alerts via e-mail or mobile device.
  • View up-to-the minute credit card account activity, pay your bill online and more.
  • Save time and postage when you use bill pay. It is fast, easy and free.

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Pay Bills Online

  • With Bank of America Bill Pay, you can pay your bills online, quickly and easily. Enroll today.
  • Pay your bills online when you want—on payday, near the due date, or whenever you choose with Bank of America Bill Pay.
  • Pay almost anyone, including individuals like your friends or landlord, or pay businesses like your cell phone or utility company.
  • Decide how you want to pay. Use a variety of accounts to make online bill payments from—a Bank of America checking, money market or credit card account or Home Equity Line of Credit1, or a checking or money market account at another bank.
  • Set up recurring payments for regular bills, and you’ll have peace of mind that your payments have been made.
  • Use Bill Pay to schedule payments in advance. To use online Bill Pay simply date your payment for the day you want it to be sent, up to a year in advance.
  • Update payment instructions anytime.

Track your Bill Pay history—see who you paid, the date and the amount.

With free Bill Pay, you don’t have to spend time writing checks, making extra trips to the mailbox, or standing in line at the post office. Online Bill Pay even saves you the cost of stamps. Sign up for Bank of America online Bill Pay and manage your accounts virtually anytime, anywhere.

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