Verizon Email – Verizon Central and Webmail Login Problems

verizon-email-verizon-central-verizon-webmail-login-problemsVerizon customers seems to be experiencing Verizon email login problems right now with its Verizon central webmail not responding to login requests.

One tweets: @DaKahuna2007 — No issues with Internet, just can’t connect to email/webmail or any Verizon login sites.

No word from Verizon yet.


  1. Sechler50 says:

    When are they getting it fixed???

  2. Same problem here – can’t “sign in” to any sites
    (MyAccount, email) the last 4 days.
    No problem accessing other websites.

    Was on the phone with a techrep today (7/28/10) for 3 hours
    making changes to my browser settings (Explorer & Firefox). No resolution.
    She “bumped up” the call to another rep who will check the lines.

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