People’s United Bank Login and Online Banking Services

peoples-united-bankPeople’s United Bank online banking opportunity to bring your fingertips and if you want to manage your home finances, stock portfolio or business accounts, Just sign up and you have easy, secure access to manage all your accounts of People’s United Bank, anywhere and anytime and control your money online quick and easy.

Just one simple login, you will be able to manage both your People’s United Bank free checking and brokerage accounts and you will also be able access your account information and Business Express anytime, anywhere for 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

On People’s United Bank Online banking service system, you can see your balance, history and transfer funds, and transactions to monitor free banks checking savings accounts info, money market accounts, CD’s, credit card bank, Personal Credit Lines, Deposit IRA accounts, brokerage, small business savings accounts, Home Equity Loans and Lines, pay your bills, commercial checking account, Savings (including passbook and quarterly savings accounts), and bank loans accounts of People’s United Bank.

Do you want FREE online access to manage your home finances? Then People’s United Online is for you! They’ve designed it with your busy schedule in mind, making state-of-the-art technology simple and secure.

With People’s United Online Banking features and People’s United Checking Account you will be able to:

1. View/print your checking account balances and history.

2. View detailed information about your People’s United Bank Loans and Lines of Credit.

3. Sort your account and bill payment histories – viewing your information the way you want!

4. Pay your bills today or in the future.

5. Schedule your payments on a recurring basis.

6. Transfer funds in your personal accounts, today or up to one year in the future.

7. Transfer funds between your People’s United brokerage and checking accounts.

8. Go Green and turn off your paper statements. View your statements online.

9. Request a stop payment on checks drawn on your People’s United checking account.

10. Communicate with People’s United via Secure Online e-mail.

11. Access 70 financial planning tools and calculators.

Portfolio Online of People’s United Bank is an exciting offering that provides you access to detailed information about your wealth management accounts online. Portfolio Online service is an internet-based system that provides you with in-depth reporting on your portfolio. It is free, and it brings your account information to your fingertips, 24 hours a day.


  1. Brenda Horton-Raia says:

    People’s United Bank in Sayville, NY has THE MOST WONDERFUL, PROFESSIONAL & Excellent customer service Personnell in the United States! BUT just now at 2:38pm Friday, 8/10/12 the customer service lady on the 1-800-894-0300 was VERY RUDE, NASTY & UnPROFESSIONAL to me AFTER I just switched ALL my banking needs & ACCOUNTS to Your Bank from TD BANK!!! I couldn’t believe it when Sayville People’s United Bank R SO VERY NICE! I think this woman on the 1-800 line should be reprimanded because she doesn;’t realize she represents Your Bank and very Poorly!!!Brenda Horton-Raia

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