California Federal Unemployment Insurance Extensions Benefits

california-federal-unemployment-insurance-extensions-benefitsCalifornia federal unemployment insurance extensions is that program, where you can get unemployment extended benefits and claims, if you have used all your regular unemployment benefits. The states of unemployment extensions benefits are available for you, which have been provided by Employment Development Department (EDD) of California.

In July 2008, Federal legislation passed a law that provides extended unemployment insurance (UI) benefits up to 13 weeks. As the recession deepened, the federal government added up to 7 more weeks to UI benefits, bringing the total extension to 20 additional weeks, In November 2008 and it is makes easy to get extended benefits. The new legislation provided a second extension benefits up to 13 weeks of unemployment for a total extension of 33 weeks, but this extension only applies for that States where unemployment rates were especially too high, including California.

On 27th March, 2009 the Governor signed federal legislation that would allow unemployed workers in California to potentially receive up to another 20 weeks of state unemployment insurance (UI) extension benefits. This is an additional extended benefit program known as the FED-ED extension.

Employment Development Department (EDD) provides extended benefits for a specific period of time or until the worker finds a new job. Regular unemployment extension program provides benefits for up to another 26 weeks, based on the weeks you have worked in your claim year. Extended Unemployment Benefits, which provides unemployment extension and compensation benefits claims for a longer period of time, are available to workers who have exhausted regular states California’s unemployment insurance benefits during periods of high unemployment.

If you are eligible to do work and live in California or another high unemployment state, then you may qualify for a total of 99 weeks of unemployment extended benefits and claims. You must meet eligibility requirements and fill out additional claim forms from the California Employment Development Department to receive an extension.

When you are unemployed and able to work, you will notified by the Employment Development Department for filling an application form for the additional extended benefits or the second extension is relevant to you for California unemployment insurance extension.

Before you receive a notification from EDD, you can apply for the unemployment extensions benefits by Telephone, Online and by going EDD local offices. If you are not receiving regular unemployment insurance program benefits and still job-less, you can also apply for unemployment insurance extension benefits in anytime.

If you want to know more details, you can go the EDD website


  1. UnitedSinofAmerica says:

    The Greater Depression is now starting in earnest. Just remember, your lawmakers in Con gress had the week off. When they come back from recess next week, they will still say let em EAT CAKE to the 99 weekers.

  2. Raiderloya says:

    What so applauing, our congress bailed out the banks, the car dealer with millions and millions of dollars, what happend to the american 99 weekers, who are done with their benefits, so are we forgotten and just put a blind eye too. Come on these people who run our country have good salaries, they can pay their mortages, go on vacations, eat steak and lobster, while we sit and wat for them to give us americans the thumps up or thumps down!!!!! We voted for them, and now we are forgotten. I am so fed up with all of this mess in Washington, isn’t it lucky for them, with the oil leaking int he gulf, now they have real work to do. In the meantime, I may not have a home to live in…….I worked since age 14, paid into my unemployment insurance, and after just 99 wks I am done…

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