California Unemployment Insurance Benefits Filing Claims Telephone Numbers by EDD

california-unemployment-insurance-claims-benefitsCalifornia Unemployment Insurance benefits and claims provided by the Employment Development Department (EDD) in California. And the candidates can apply for Unemployment Insurance benefit and claims online/ Internet or via telephone (numbers) or using Fax (numbers) in EDD office.

The California Unemployment Insurance benefits provider EDD (Employment Development Department) provides the telephone numbers in English, Chinese, Spanish and Vietnamese languages to help eligible workers who have lost their jobs through Industrial, Economical reason or no fault of their own and EDD works to remove the unemployment problem in USA.

The EDD Unemployment service telephone numbers are always available on EDD’s office and the customer care executives of Employment Development Department are accessible on 24 hours of all weeks. The separate types of telephone numbers of EDD Unemployment Insurance claims are also available for those who call using a teletypewriter, and also from outside of California for all candidates, who are physically able to work.

The telephone numbers of California Unemployment Insurance benefits and claims program listed here, according to California Employment Development Department (EDD). If you want to call for filing an unemployment claim, you have to call on Friday to receive credit for the week.

California EDD Unemployment Insurance benefits Automated Self Service telephone numbers

Language of customers services Number Automated Self Services

Check your information
One-Stop Career Center locations


Información sobre su Cheque,
Los Centrol Profesionales de Una Parada.


Unemployment Insurance EDD Filing Claims Telephone Numbers

Deferent’s type of  Language Numbers of Representative services
Filing Claims and Check Information and General Information
Presentación de Solicitudes & Información sobre su & Cheque Información General
chinese 1-800-547-3506
vietnamese 1-800-547-2058

An unemployed person, who is able to job, can call for filing Unemployment Insurance benefits by teletypewriter (TTY) at 1-800-815-9387. But this telephone number does not accept voice calls; it will send you in direct process of EDD telephone customer’s services.

The candidates also can apply for Unemployment Compensation by using these telephone numbers of EDD, California, USA. If you want to more, you can visit the EDD website


  1. Garyseiler says:

    how long dose it take for exten to kick in

  2. Hi dear Garyseiler,
    I think, the EDD will be take your an unemployment insurance benefits period or week to kick in. For example, your EDD unemployment claims period is running and at that time you get a job, i think EDD will kick you. Because if you an unemployed the EDD doesn’t kick you, they add you again federal state unemployment services.

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