Madonna Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos or Pictures Gallery

madonna-plastic-surgery-before-and-after-photos-or-pictures-galleryMadonna plastic surgery before and after photos and W magazine pictures gallery are given here, check out.

The 51 year old Madonna’s plastic surgery is creating a buzz once again is because un-altered photos of the singer were published in W Magazine.

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Madonna and Heidi Montag have something more than blond hair in common. Both have had cosmetic surgery. Granted, Madonna is more the age of someone you would expect to see under the knife but still – now everyone wants to compare these women before and after their plastic surgery, techbanyan reported.

New un-altered outtakes from the W magazine photo shoot in which Madonna met her baby Jesus have just surfaced and they’re not all too flattering to either the material girl or her new boy toy. Madge is definitely looking every millisecond of her 51 years in this shot, sporting whiskers and an old lady scowl that would make a nun proud, Branwyn Lancourt (thefastertimes) reported. Moreover, where’s her neck? Did it collapse under the weight of her giant noggin? Plus, I’m not sure if the whole Joan Crawford thing she’s got going on here is intentional or not, but either way the only thing her mug could inspire these days is major shrinkage and speaking of shrinkage…apparently this kid’s named baby Jesus for a reason.

See Madonna’s Plastic Surgery Before and After with W Magazine Photos and Pics Gallery:


  1. She looks Awful !! I was Not Accepting “Queen Of Pop” Would be Like this after going under series of Plastic Surgery !! Its Shameful !! No one can alter the Natural Body Artificial remain always artificial.

  2. Megan Smith says:

    madonna looks awful!!!! what ever happened to being “natural”…. her music will always be great, but she is like all of hollywood: FAKE!!!!!! just proves she, like all the rest, will do anything for a buck..HA!!!!!!!!!!!!
    and im not afraid to say this to anyone including madonna..
    my name is megan s.. got something to say??? contact me, you know how……

  3. She always was the queen of vanity and now there’s even more proof. These photos don’t even look like the Madonna of ten years ago. How can we be sure they are even the same person?

  4. Amoreboutique says:

    she looks hot, and what did u think she was going to look old and full of wrinkle just because you think that is natural…..but think…..she woulb go out of business if she doesnt maintain her look

  5. she just needs to stop now or get a better surgeon…she’s getting that weird look…like that puppet Madame…yikes.

  6. I’m just a common person, a regular Jane, a loner with few close friends. I am 62 and look at me. I never entertained and never had anything done to my face or body. I am truly a natural and live on a pension. I think these entertainers THINK THEY NEED TO COMPETE OR ALWAYS LOOK YOUNG…WELL, THIS IS WHAT 62 LOOKS LIKE FOLKS. This is an ordinary Jane, living in the real world, untouched, un

  7. Sissyfuss says:

    It looks like she was the last segment of the Human Centipede for a few years.

  8. Her biggest problem seems to be too little body fat. I understand her tummy and thighs will suffer, with her body type, if she gains fat. But since she has surgeons at her disposal, she can always have those two areas taken care of if needed and increase her BMI, to soften her face, muscles, and bulging veins.

  9. Fuad Sadikhov says:

    the time will come you all will also get older
    it happens to everybody
    even to stars too
    never say that someone looks awful or old
    let’s have a look to ourselves after 20 years

  10. lose weight fast and easy says:

    This is the magic of plastic surgery. IN the 1998 snap she looks really old but in the 2008 snap madonna look like a 25 year old woman. Plastic surgery is something really great if done properly.

  11. Shame – there are simply no guarantees when you go under the knife. I bet Madonna wishes she had gone to a good restaurant instead – an extra stone would make her look much better than the surgery.

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