www.edd.ca.gov– Apply For Unemployment Benefits in CA

www.edd.ca.govwww.edd.ca.gov is the state of California unemployment website. You can apply here By Telephone, online and person.

EDD means The Employment Development Department that is the biggest department’s state of California unemployment. Its works for state unemployment insurance, unemployment management, development the quality of workers and businesses, online filing system for recompense of unemployment, help unemployed to take insurance agency’s policy.

EDD govern by unemployment rules or unemployment laws of U.S. government and it has hundreds of service locations throughout the state. EDD works for only unemployment so, of course you have to be unemployment, and then you can apply for unemployment benefit ca, unemployment insurance ca, unemployment checks, unemployment appeal by unemployment online, unemployment website, unemployment California office, unemployment gov or unemployment phone number. EDD collect their finance from unemployment tax ca, every employment person paid their unemployment tax ca by online edd.

File For Unemployment Claim CA:

There are three options for filing unemployment in California.

1. Telephone
2. Online
3. Person

To file for unemployment online:

* You have to visit .

*HTM is the California’s employment development department. You can collect all information here.

File for unemployment by telephone:


For filing Claims, Check Information and General Information you can call this number– 1-800-300-5616.


For Presentación de Solicitudes, Información sobre su Cheque and Información General call this number– 1-800-326-8937.

Apply by In person or printing the application:

* You print your all information and mail it to the EDD address below.
Employment Development Department
P.O. Box 826880 – UIPCD, MIC 40
Sacramento, CA 94280-0001.


EDD jobs offer an email is to fake up a story. An unauthorized email offering a part-time position through the state’s CalJOBS system, you’re advised should not respond to it and immediately delete the message, according to the California Employment Development Department (EDD), click to know details.


Eligible for unemployment benefits in California:

1. You have been completely employed or have lost your job. Or working part-time job.

2. You must be able to start working. If you have any physically problem, you will not qualify.

3. You have been worked for at least 18 months prior to filing a claim for unemployment insurance.


Apply process of California unemployment:

1. To apply need you, your Name, social security number, address, state ID, passport and other personal details like as telephone number, driver’s license, email address and Legal status is the U.S. etc.

2. You have to write details of your previous job, that employer’s Name and address, mailing and physical address and telephone number.

3. You have to prepare physically/mentally able to work and available to start working.

4. If you are not an US citizen, you will have to provide your alien registration number. To legally work in the United.


After joining in unemployment CA:

When you submit your application CA will receive you, but I think you should look out for work. Because, CA give you benefits, but it will be not enough to cover your living expenses. And you can’t save your money to collect next balance.


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