Mississippi Unemployment Weekly Claims is Mississippi unemployment benefits website. Check out here unemployment weekly claims.

Mdes Weekly Claims Procedures: Weekly claim certifications can be filed by phone or online. Failure to file your weekly claim certification in a timely manner as instructed can affect your benefits. A week begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday. You must file your weekly claims certification after the week has ended, but before the next week begins at 12:01 am on Sunday. Example: If you are filing for week-ending January 17, 2009, you must call or file online before 12:01 am on Sunday, January 25, 2009. Weekly Claims by PHONE – 1-866-946-6487 1-866-946-6487

Mississippi’s Interactive Telephone System (MITS) is a telephone processing system that allows you to file your weekly claim certifications by telephone. MITS is easy to use and will guide you through each option, providing step-by-step instructions regarding your responses. You may call MITS outside of normal business hours. Instructions are available in English and Spanish.

For complete instructions on MITS claims procedures see MDES’ Interactive Telephone System: in English Weekly Claim Certification filing Online: You may choose to file your current weekly claim certification online through MDES’ ACCESS MS system. You must login with your user id and password or establish a new user id and password if you are not a current user.


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