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anne-sluti-kidnapping-story-and-wikipediaAnthony Zappa kidnapping Anne Sluti story based on TV Movie “Taken in Broad Daylight”. Now people want to know Sluti’s wiki, but it’s not found in wikipedia. (photos left)

Celebgalz writter Clarencia Cynrae reported on Jan 1 2010, Anne Sluti’s father, Donald Sluti, is interested to run for public office in Nebraska. Mr Sluti may run for the secretary of state office. Sluti is a retired professor of management from the University of Nebraska.

Donald Sluti and two others are challenging Nebraska’s petition laws by going to court to fight them. Tbhe American Civil Liberties Union’s Voting Rights Project and ACLU Nebraska has filed the lawsuit on behalf of the three individuals.

Donald Sluti, Amy Miller and Michael Groene are the plaintiffs who claimed the Nebraska laws hinder citizens who want to run for public office or place initiatives for balloting.

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1. Abducted Girl Returns Home (AP) – Kidnapping victim Anne Sluti came home Friday, a week after the 17-year-old was whisked away from a local mall parking lot and kept hostage hundreds of miles away in Montana.

With a bruise under her right eye and an FBI baseball cap on her head, Sluti stepped off a private jet with her parents and brother. A small group of family members and friends shrieked with excitement.

“Thank God she’s alive,” said her aunt Sue Daniel. She placed a sign in the dashboard of her minivan that showed a happy face and said “Welcome Home, Anne.”

“I’m just happy to get back home,” Sluti said earlier in the day as the family prepared to leave Kalispell, Mont. “I want to thank everyone who helped me get home safely.”

Remarked her mother, Elaine Sluti, “Someone at the hotel said to me this morning, ‘Have a good day.’ Believe me, we are having a very good day.”

More than 200 people attended a celebration Friday at the University of Nebraska-Kearney, where Sluti’s father, Don, is an associate professor of management and marketing. They joined hands, circled the university’s bell tower and observed a silent prayer in support of the family.

She was finally freed about 3 a.m. Thursday after more than five days in captivity. The ordeal ended with a 10-hour standoff at a lakeside cabin in Rollins, Mont., 900 miles from Kearney. Her alleged abductor, Anthony Zappa, a fugitive wanted for various crimes in several states, was arrested and charged with kidnapping.

Authorities on Thursday were calling the honors student “very clever and very brave” and said she was instrumental in persuading Zappa to surrender. Police said Sluti worked the phone during the standoff, confidently relaying each side’s reassurances and demands.

Zappa wouldn’t speak to authorities surrounding the cabin until minutes before the surrender, but it was clear he was hovering over Sluti while she talked, Lake County Undersheriff Mike Sargeant said.

She never referred to Zappa by name until the end.

“Can I talk to Tony?” Sargeant asked.

“That’s entirely up to him,” Sargeant recalled Sluti saying.

“I could almost envision her thrusting the phone toward him, and she said ‘Talk to them, Tony,”‘ he said.

Zappa’s voice was almost a whisper when he spoke.

“I’m scared they’re going to shoot me,” Zappa said, according to Sargeant. He made two demands, Sergeant said: He didn’t want officers to shoot him, and he wanted to serve his prison time in Minnesota.

Zappa, 29, also known as Anthony Steven Wright, was already wanted on charges including assault, theft and gun violations in Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin and Louisiana.

He had eluded authorities since February for failing to appear in Minnesota on a burglary charge, and at one point, police closed the Mall of America near Minneapolis after he was spotted.

The day after she was kidnapped, Sluti tried to phone family and friends but was cut off, police said. On Sunday, her 911 call got through and was traced to a cabn near Yellowstone National Park, but police found it empty.

Authorities linked Zappa to the abduction through a stolen sport utility vehicle believed used in the kidnapping and found abandoned in Montana, not far from where a blue Toyota Tercel had been stolen.

On Wednesday, a landlord tipped off police to the cabin on Flathead Lake after reporting an unfamiliar car nearby. It was a blue Tercel.

2. Kidnapper Sentenced To Life In Prison (KETV) – The man convicted of kidnapping a Nebraska teenager will spend the rest of his life behind bars.

Anthony Zappa (pictured, right) received a life sentence Monday plus seven years for abducting Anne Sluti from a Kearney mall parking lot in April 2001. He will also make restitution totaling almost $40,000.

Sluti gave tearful testimony during Zappa’s trial describing being sexually assaulted while she was detained by him. Zappa’s attorney had argued the Sluti had sex willingly with Zappa.

The judge believes the sentence will punish Zappa and deter other criminals. “I can’t count on age and time to rehabilitate Mr. Zappa, given his past and the difficulties he has caused for people … culminating in this crime,” Judge Warren Urbom said in handing down the sentence.

Anne Sluti was not in court Monday. However, her parents said they believe justice has been served.

“I think we saw justice here today. It’s a tremendous relief,” Anne’s mother, Elaine Sluti, said after Monday’s sentence was announced.

The teen’s parents said the family can now move forward knowing their daughter’s abductor will not be part of society again. “Society’s been protected. This individual who did this terrible thing to my daughter is put where he’ll never harm your children,” Anne’s father, Don Sluti, said.

Zappa’s attorney, James Martin Davis argued the punishment is too harsh.

Davis believes a punishment of 40 years would have been adequate. “Someday, if he walked out of a jail or a penitentiary, he would know in his own mind then, and only then, what he had truly sacrificed for his conduct,” Davis said.

But for Anne Sluti and her family, the sentence concludes a painful chapter in their lives. “She’s not looking for vengeance. She’s looking for her life ahead of her. And this just represents something in the past that we wish, and we all wish, had never happened,” Elaine Sluti said.

Zappa said he will appeal the conviction and the sentence.

Zappa, 31, a native of Minneapolis, is the man police in that city said led them on a multi-day chase in St. Paul and Bloomington in March 2001. Officers said he first eluded them after allegedly firing shots at officers in St. Paul trying to capture him on federal warrants. He then prompted the unprecedented closure of the Mall of America after he was spotted in the parking lot the next morning.

3. TV movie based on Anne Sluti’s kidnapping saga (journalstar) – The abduction of Anne Sluti is the basis for a new made-for-TV movie that will air next month on Lifetime.

Sluti was 17 when she was taken from a parking lot at a Kearney shopping mall on April 6, 2001.

Anthony Steven Wright, also known as Tony Zappa, was convicted of the kidnapping.

Wright held Sluti captive for six days before he surrendered after a 10-hour police standoff at a remote cabin near Rollins, Mont.

Sluti testified at Wright’s trial that she was bound with duct tape and chains and repeatedly raped during the ordeal.

Wright is serving a life sentence.

“Taken in Broad Daylight” is scheduled to air Feb. 15.

Sluti’s story has appeared on NBC’s “Dateline,” on Court TV and was printed in a supermarket tabloid.

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