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FLUID is the state of Florida’s online unemployment program, which allows workers who have lost a job to apply for and receive compensation for a set number of weeks. If you have lost your job through no fault of your own, you can apply for and will likely receive benefits through the FLUID program. The amount of money you will receive each unemployment claim week will vary, depending on how much money you have earned at your current position. As of 2011, you will receive between $32 and $275 per unemployment claim week. The only way to receive unemployment benefits through the FLUID system is to file an initial claim, and then file for each of the claim weeks you are unemployed. You can apply for unemployment in Florida online, using the online FLUID system.

File an initial claim

To begin receiving unemployment compensation from the state of Florida, you will need to file an initial claim. Visit the FLUID online system and fill out the requested information. You will need to provide your personal information, including your name, address and social security number. You will also need to supply the name and address of your employer and information about the amount of time you worked and the income you have earned. You can find most of your employer information on your paystub. Allow about an hour to file your initial FLUID claim.

After your initial claim is filed, you will receive an email confirmation from the state, letting you know your claim is being processed. As of 2011, Florida also requires applicants to complete an online skills review, which covers basic reading and math skills and will take about an hour to finish. Upon completion of the skills review, your claim will be processed and your benefits will begin. It may take up to four weeks to receive your first unemployment payment, but you must file FLUIDnow claim weeks on time to be sure you receive a payment each week.

Claim each week

Every week you are unemployed, you will need to file a FLUID benefit claim. You can file for your FLUIDnow claim weeks any day of the week; you will need to make a new claim every two weeks to ensure that you continue receiving unemployment benefits.

To make your weekly Fluid claim, you will need to log into the FLUID system and complete a short form that confirms that you were looking for work and that you were available for work. As long as you are actively seeking work and are available to work when a position becomes available, you will continue to receive unemployment benefits for the duration of your approved period. The only way to receive unemployment benefits is to file a weekly FLUID claim; it is essential to file your claim each time you are supposed to. Delays in completing the weekly FLUID claim will cause payment delays as well.


Your eligibility to receive unemployment compensation will be determined after your initial claim is filed. You will also need to confirm your availability and willingness to work as part of your weekly claims to continue to be eligible for benefits.

In most cases, you will be approved for unemployment in Florida, provided that you worked for enough weeks in the period before you lost your job, you earned enough income in that job, and you lost your job through no fault of your own. Getting fired for a reason, or simply quitting your job may mean you are not eligible for unemployment. If you are in doubt, file a claim with the online FLUID system to be sure.


If you have submitted an application to the FLUID program, but have been declined, you may file an appeal. You will likely need to provide an appeal, offering more detailed information about your job and the reason you left, and may need to attend an in person interview to determine your eligibility.

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