File Biweekly Claims for Pa UC Benefits

If you have been laid off or lost your fulltime job, you are likely eligible for unemployment benefits from the state of Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania has an automated, online system designed to make it easy to file for unemployment benefits, available at When a job loss occurs, you can file a claim with the state and begin collecting compensation each week until you find a new position. The amount of money you receive will depend on the amount of money you earned during a specific period that you were employed. Each person is different, and the only way to determine the amount of money you will receive is to file a claim using the state system.


Pennsylvania’s unemployment system is set up to help displaced workers find new employment, and to provide them with a source of income until a new position is secured. After you file and are approved for the first time, you will need to file a PA unemployment biweekly claim to continue to receive benefits.If for some reason your inital claim is denied, you can appeal the decision and may still be able to receive unemployment compensation.

To be eligible to receive unemployment compensation, you need to have lost your position through no fault of your own. You also need to be actively seeking work, and available to work full time if a position is offered. Once you are approved for benefits, you will need to file a biweekly claim to stay eligible. If you neglect to file a PA unemployment biweekly claim, your benefits will lapse and you will not be paid.

PA Unemployment Claims

Once you file an initial claim, you will receive a determination of benefits from the state of Pennsylvania. This determination will provide you with everything you need to know about your benefits, including the amount you will receive, how long you will receive benefits for and when you should file a biweekly claim PA unemployment. It is essential that you file your PA unemployment claim as scheduled. If you forget to file your PA unemployment biweekly claim on time, you wil not be paid.

Pennsylvania Unemployment Tips

File your initial unemployment claim with the state of Pennsylvania as soon as possible. The earlier you file your PA unemployment claim, the sooner your benefits will begin. Pennsylvania has a waiting week for unemployment, meaning you won’t be paid for the first week you are unemployed. Your benefits will begin after the waiting week, and continue until your unemployment is exhausted. In some cases, you can apply for an extension of your unemployment benefits once your initial weeks run out. You will need to continue to file a biweekly claim for pa unemployment during the extended period as well.


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    Why can’t I access this web site, to file my biweekly claim?

  3. Betty Shafer says:

    I have been trying to do my biweekly claim for 2 days now and I get no response. I am loosing money because of this. It seems to me that it should be a better way to do this. I have been trying by phone and also on line. I have not heard froim anyone yet.

  4. Jmcalonan1944 says:

    Who came up with this idea? Why have you made this so hard to apply. What’s the real reason. Seems suspicious.

  5. Why do the IT people keep changing this site. This should be a very easy site to get onto and file. Some changes are good but this is riduclous. QUIT making changes to this site for people to file their claims.

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    Please help me holding me against my will by with holding or stealing my benefits. Marlin Lee Jackson 204482600 12/16/1976. Residing temporalily 7 west first street Jamestown New York 14701. This is why I cannot maintain room effiency because they dont stop playing jokes

  8. the correct site is uc gov you will know cause the web page is blue

  9. Xxadixdasxx says:

    In addition, they need to expand on their ability to receive incoming calls! Today, my phone shut off and that’s fine. Yet when I went to pay my phone bill, Boost’s automated system rejected the pmnt and said my bank wouldn’t allow the transaction. So, I walk to the bank and find out the state didn’t post my funds to the account. They were also late to do so the previous two weeks. Now I have to wait up to 24 hours for a call-back and I have a PPL bill to pay. No, it won’t get shut off but I’m on a pmnt plan and if I’m a day late I go off that plan and have to pay $40 more until I can get back on it. In a nut-shell: Hmm. Well, I probably shouldn’t say.

  10. Patriciareynolds says:

    Trying to put in for my claim is rediculus. i was aproved for extentision,now I am not. Trying to contact the office the way u have the call system set up is not working. You need to have an appointment time when our call will be returned. I work part time and always miss my return call. Also it says on my claim that I can reapply on the site, but there is no place listed to do so.

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    I have waited over one hour for the cofermation page to appear. What is going on????

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    what happens to my uc is i become a 1099 employee anyone know.??

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    want to filed my biweekly claim cant get threw

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    patty terweilliger trying to file my biweekly claim but no responcse have not heard any need help filing mt biweekly claim never done it before on line

  16. what site do I have to go to, to check my payouts from unemployment to this date

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