New Jersey (NJ) Unemployment Website Weekly Claims Your Benefits

New Jersey (NJ) unemployment website ( weekly claims your benefits. New Jersey Department of Labor’s online program for claiming continued weekly unemployment insurance benefits. This application is available Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m.(EST) through 6:00 p.m.(EST).

To file a continued claim, you must have already filed claim for unemployment benefits. Claim weekly benefits)

After you filed your unemployment insurance claim, you were mailed a “Claim for Benefits” form that included the following information:
* The calendar weeks (either one or two weeks) for which you may next claim benefits;
* The date to claim your benefits.

You will receive a new “Claim for Benefits” form attached to each benefit check that is sent to you. Use the information contained on your “Claim for Benefits” forms as a guide to determine what weeks you should be claiming and the proper days to claim them.

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  1. Matthew John Corcoran 2nd. says:

    trying to claim weeks and site keeps running me around an around need some help

  2. Marshafgr says:

    how can people receiving SSI Disability qualify for unemployment payments if he is unable by doctors to work and he is stating that he is able to work on the questionnaire. He is lying right there and should be disqualified and return all the money he received.

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