Myaccount of verizon wireless has no page like myaccount. The are two account option for account, one is My Personal Account and other option is My Business Account. Or you can find this by searching Because My personal account and my bussness accoung is under the of “My verizon”.

My Personal Account: In “My Personal Account” There some options given for you, “My Verizon Benefits” “Sign in today” and “Prepaid”

My Business Account:

Account Management Made Simple:

* Pay bills and set up payment options
* Retrieve important account data and reports
* Place orders on your own schedule
* Manage your products and services
* Request repair for Phone or Internet accounts

My Business Account benefits:

* Enjoy exclusive Verizon offers
* Eligible businesses can access all Verizon accounts
including Wireless, Phone, and Broadband
* Free shipping on Wireless orders

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