Jarvis Weems Pictures and Photos

jarvis-weems-pictures-and-photosJarvis Weems Pics. Funeral and pictures of Jarvis Weems are searched in the Internet. Monica boyfriend Jarvis Weems photos are not available on the web. Monica Arnold’s boyfriend Jarvis Weems killed himself in 2000. Monica witnessed the suicide of her boyfriend, Jarvis “Knot” Weems. Weems was her childhood friend and a local drug dealer. On July 18, 2000, the couple was together at the graveside of Weems’s brother Troy, who had died in an automobile accident at age 25 in 1998, when Weems, without warning, put a gun to his head and shot himself to death. Monica Arnold’s Boyfriend Jarvis Weems Killed Himself Monica Denise Arnold professionally known as Monica is an American R&B singer, songwriter and occasional actress. Monica said she agreed to co-produce and star in “Monica: Still Standing” to share her experiences combining a music career with a personal life. Monica and Rocko Pictures:


  1. people need to get their INFO. correct B4 publishing it….The picture above is Monica’s now boy friend Rodney “ROCKO” Hill that she have 2 sons with, that is not Jarvis Weems, her X that killed himself!!!