If You want to take the advantage of verizon email service. Then first go to the the click Email. Then give your email id and password and click sign in.

More Details about Email of
Verizon Your Domain offers an easy way for individuals and
businesses to link a set of personalized and permanent email
addresses (e.g.,, with your email accounts. You are able to view and
reply to your domain name email messages from your
email account. It also lets you create a website with your
personal pictures or business information and publish it to the

Verizon Your Domain costs $19.95 per year and includes the
following features:

* Nine email addresses (like or linked with your Verizon accounts

* Seamless integration with Verizon Email – which means you get
all the great features such as access using Webmail and Outlook Express, Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus, and up to 4 GB of total email storage.

* Web address registration (e.g., with
100MB website disk space and easy to use Sitebuilder

* Upgrade to advanced Hosting Packages such as Your
Domain – Advanced and Pro.

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