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Florida Department of Revenue sales and use tax Website is www.myflorida.com. You can know more about Florida Department of Revenue sales and using tax. According to the Florida Department of Revenue website www.myflorida.com:

Motor Vehicle Dealer Sales and Use Tax Tutorial
Learn how to collect the correct amount of sales and use tax, discretionary sales surtax, and how to complete the front and back of your sales and use tax return (DR-15).

General Tax Collection Fee
A new law imposes a 10 percent fee to be collected beginning September 1, 2009 for any outstanding tax debt older than 90 days.

Public Meetings and Agendas
Visit the new public meetings and agendas section on the Open Government page to find out about meetings, workshops and hearings related to the Department of Revenue.

How to Pay Tax on Internet and Out-of-state Purchases
If you bought something from an Internet retailer or catalog merchant and did not pay Florida sales tax, you may owe tax.

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About the Florida Department of Revenue

What they do?

* Child Support Enforcement Help parents provide the financial support their children need and deserve.
* General Tax Administration Collect state taxes fairly and efficiently, and make complying with Florida’s tax laws as simple and convenient as possible.
* Property Tax Oversight Oversee Florida’s property tax system to ensure accuracy and fairness in property valuation throughout the state.


  1. joycembeach says:

    I did not receive my DR-15EZ monthly sales and use tax returns for 2010.

    Burger King #6372-rental
    3206 S. Hopkins Ave
    Titusville, FL 32680-5667

    Please send as soon as possible. Thank you,

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