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Katie Featherston biography:

Katie Featherston was born on October 20, 1982. Katie Featherston is an American actress. Featherston attended the Southern Methodist University. Katie Featherston graduated with her Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2005 and afterwards moved to Los Angeles. Katie Featherston is best known for her role as Katie in the film Paranormal Activity.

Katie Featherston Filmography:

* Mutation (2006)
* Paranormal Activity (2009)
* Walking Distance (2009)

Micah Sloat and Katie Featherston featured movie Paranormal Activity (2009) Synopsis:

The movie begins with Micah testing out and playing with his camera, as he attempts to film the strange and paranormal things that have been happening in the house. A psychic is called in and learns from Katie that she has been haunted by a ghostly entity since her youth. The psychic informs the couple that they are being plagued, not by a ghost, but by a demon. He says that no matter where they go the demon will follow as it is haunting Katie herself. The psychic explains that the demon feeds off negative energy, so the couple must do their best not to antagonize it or give it more power by fighting with each other. Micah continues his project. A camera is set up in the bedroom and every night it captures what happens as they sleep. On the first night, a few footsteps are heard. After this, increasingly strange things occur. The bedroom door moves by itself and the lights turn on in the hallway on their own. Each night, when the incidents occur, a low droning noise is heard on the camera. One morning, Micah goes around the house with his camera and openly asks the demon if he should get a Ouija board. When he plays back the audio on his computer, a low inhuman growl is heard after he asks the question. Katie protests his intentions of getting a board and Micah reluctantly agrees not to buy one. Against Katie’s wishes, Micah borrows a Ouija board to speak with the demon. He sets it up in the living room but Katie yells at him and they argue and go outside of the house before Micah can begin talking with the demon. While they’re gone, a strange “wind” blows through the living room and the board begins to spell words on its own and catches on fire. A strange image is burned into the board when Micah and Katie return.

Strange things continue to happen to Katie at night, usually around 3:15 A.M. One night, Katie gets out of bed and stands right next to the bed for hours, doing nothing but staring at Micah. After this, she proceeds downstairs. Micah wakes up, goes down, and finds her sitting outside on a swing. The next morning she does not recall doing this. The strange occurrences begin to escalate. One night, the couple hears a loud bang and then a door slams. They find nothing out of place except that a chandelier downstairs is swinging very slowly. After this, Katie then agrees to let Micah try one more experiment. Should it fail, she will call a demonologist that the psychic recommended to them. Micah lays down several patches of baby powder to catch the demon’s footprints. During the night the couple awakens to the sound of something walking down the hall and into their room, they find the demon has left several footprints within and near the powder, footprints that are distinctly not human. Going further into the hall, Micah finds the attic door open. He goes up to the attic and finds a photo of Katie from when she was young that is charred at the edges. Katie is shocked to see the photo and says it’s impossible for that photo to be in the house because it was burned to ash years ago in a fire that consumed the home she lived in when she was a child. She then asks Micah where in the attic it was found and he says it was laying above where their bed would be. The next morning Katie calls the demonologist, but finds that he is out of town. She then sets up another appointment with the psychic for the next day. The psychic arrives and upon entering the house, is overwhelmed by the negative energy from the demon. He quickly departs saying that his presence only angers the demon and there is nothing he can do. The nights become more chilling as the sheets on their bed begin moving by themselves. One night, Katie is yanked and dragged screaming out of bed and into the hall by an invisible force. Micah awakens, gives chase, and forcibly takes her back. The next day, Micah has Katie show bruises on her skin and a large mark on her back that resembles a bite.

The activity soon begins to occur during the day, indicating the presence in the home is getting stronger. During one afternoon a photo of Micah and Katie is smashed, with glass cracks and what appears to be claw marks going through Micah’s side of the portrait. While investigating, Katie senses a presence next to her, and the camera captures the demon’s breath fluttering her hair. They make plans to go to a hotel that night, hoping the demon will not follow them immediately. But later that day, Micah finds Katie sitting on the floor in a daze with her back against the wall, gripping a crucifix tightly in her hand. In helping her up, Micah notices blood on her hands and leg from the crucifix. He then lights the fireplace and burns the cross and the scorched photograph of Katie that he found in the attic. Later, Micah tells Katie, who is lying in bed, to get their things together so they can leave the house. Katie now refuses, saying that she wants to stay. She tells Micah to trust her. He leaves the room in anger and she whispers that “everything will be fine from now on,” and the sound of a second voice coming from her at the same time and saying the same thing suggests that the demon has taken control of her. She closes her eyes and gives a disturbing smile to the camera. That night they are seen sleeping and the droning noise starts again in the background. Katie suddenly sits up, then gets out of bed and stares at Micah. She stands there, unmoving, when suddenly the sheet slowly pulls off Micah; Katie moves around the bed and stares at him for two more hours. At about 3:35 a.m. she moves to the bedroom door and exits, going down the stairs into the darkness. Suddenly, Katie screams for Micah, who jumps out of bed. As he hits the staircase, the droning noise becomes increasingly lower pitched and demonic. The camera sees nothing but the bedroom and the dark hallway, but the activity downstairs can be heard. Katie continues to scream; some struggling is heard, followed by dead silence. Moments later, heavy footsteps can be heard coming up the stairs. Unexpectedly, Micah’s body is hurled towards the camera. He collides with it and both fall to the ground, where Micah remains motionless. Katie stands in the doorway with blood on her shirt. She crawls, very unnaturally on all fours to Micah’s body and, like an animal, sniffs at him. She sees the camera and smiles at it eerily, her face contorted and evil, suggesting that she has been possessed by whatever has been haunting her. Katie lunges toward the camera with a loud scream, her face demonic, and the screen cuts to black. Following this, we are told that Micah’s body was found soon afterwards, and that Katie’s whereabouts remain unknown