New Jersey Unemployment Benefits Website

New Jersey(nj) Unemployment Benefits Website If you are one of New Jersey’s unemployment victims, you may be already aware that you will be able to apply for your unemployment insurance benefits. You will not automatically be able to enjoy your NJ unemployment insurance benefits; you have to claim your benefits through proper channels. You can apply for your unemployment benefits either through the Internet or the telephone. Applying online for New Jersey unemployment benefits.Take note of the following when applying online for Unemployment Insurance. is the place to go if you are a resident of the State of New Jersey and need to claim unemployment benefits. is where which you can access New Jersey Unemployment Insurance Benefit This is the website to claim your weekly benefits or to submit a new claim for unemployment insurance. Just go to or the link below.



  1. Nadirah7 says:

    What do I do as far as unemployment I have not recieved my seperation form from the old existing claim form

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