Eminem’s Death Rumor: Is He Dead In Fatal Car Accident ?

Did Eminem die in a Car Crash? No. he has not died. Eminem (whose real name is Marshall Bruce Mathers III) was dead in a car accident, reports are coming in from various reporters. His death rumor are spreading like fire across the web.

Checkout Eminem death rumor story: Rap Singer Eminem died this morning in a terrible car crash.The cause of this horrible accident was blamed for the cell phone that he was using when riding in his car.It is thought that he was not paying attention when he swerved into an oncoming truck.

He was brought to a hospital in critical condition, but he died from bleeding to death.”There was really nothing we could do to help him”-said Dr. Adams who was taking care of Eminem at the time.We will always remember Eminem from his music and his words.MTV will be having a special memorial program for him.

“First it’s Pac then it’s Biggie then Eminem”said Snoop Dogg,another famous rap singer.

According to a news report, Eminem is NOT dead.


  1. rockstar6660 says:

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  5. Jillian Baumann says:

    oh my god. this is so depressing :'(

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  9. partyhardy69 says:

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  10. fagswreak says:

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  12. snoopdogg says:

    If eminem was dead then who the hell sang in forever???a