Eva Cassidy Death and Life Story

eva-cassidy-death-news-eva-cassidys-life-storyEva Cassidy was an American vocalist. Her full name is Eva Marie Cassidy. She was born in February 2, 1963. Eva Cassidy’s First album was ‘The Other Side’, which was released in 1992. Cassidy was virtually unknown outside her native Washington, DC when she died of melanoma in 1996.

Cassidy grew up in Bowie, Maryland, a suburb of Washington. She was the third of four children born to Hugh and Barbara Cassidy. Her father, a retired teacher, sculptor, musician and former army medic, is of Scottish and Irish descent, while her German-born mother was a horticulturist.From an early age, Cassidy displayed interest in art and music. When she was nine, her father taught her to play the guitar and she began to play and sing at family gatherings.At age 11, Cassidy began singing and playing guitar in a Washington area band called Easy Street.This band performed in a variety of styles at weddings, corporate parties and pubs. Due to her shyness, she struggled with performing in front of strangers. While a student at Bowie High School, she sang with a local band called Stonehenge.During the summer of 1983, Cassidy sang and played guitar six days a week at the theme park Wild World.Her younger brother Dan, a fiddler, was also a member of this working band. She enrolled in art classes at a community college but dropped out after finding them unhelpful.Throughout the 1980s, Cassidy worked with several other bands, including the techno-pop band Characters Without Names. During this period, Cassidy also worked as a propagator at a plant nursery and as a furniture painter. In her free time, she explored other artistic expressions including painting, sculpting and jewelry design.Despite holding a belief in God, Cassidy was not part of any organized religion.

In 1993, Cassidy had a malignant mole removed from her back. Three years later, during a promotional event for the Live at Blues Alley album in July 1996, Cassidy noticed an ache in her hips, which she attributed to stiffness from painting murals while perched atop a stepladder.[11] The pain persisted and a few weeks later, X-rays revealed that the melanoma had spread to her lungs and bones. The doctors gave her three to five months to live. Cassidy opted for aggressive treatment, but her health deteriorated rapidly.In her final public performance in September 1996, at the Bayou, she closed the set with “What a Wonderful World” in front of an audience of friends, fans and family.She was subsequently admitted to Johns Hopkins Hospital.Cassidy died at her family home in Bowie, November 2, 1996, at the age of 33. She was posthumously inducted into the Hall of Fame of the Washington Area Music Association.In accordance with her wishes, Cassidy‚Äôs body was cremated. Her ashes were scattered on the shores of St. Mary’s River Watershed Park, a nature reserve near California, Maryland.


  1. ronnieciago says:

    My name is Ronnie Ciago. I’m a drummer/percussionist/producer and song writer.
    Tonight was the first time I ever heard of Eva Cassidy. I went on to youtube and couldn’t believe what I was listening to ! I was saying to myself, “Eva is probably one of the greatest artists of ALL TIME ! I want get everything she’s ever done and I have to see this young girl perform live. Come to find out after I checked on her, she pasted away at the age of 33 ! I was so sad….What a great loss.
    Sometimes things in life just does not make any sense at all.
    Eva, your voice, musicianship, art and spirit is eternal.

  2. Jeanne Regan says:

    I discovered Eva for myself while viewing YouTube videos, specifically, “Autumn Leaves.” It was then that I realized this was that mysterious singer I had heard years ago doing a cover of “Fields of Gold” that really amazed me. I never did get to hear the name of that artist, and I never forgot that rendition or her voice. What a talent! She was a gifted graphic artist as well and was very shy. I will buy as many of her cds as I can get a hold of because her voice is simply remarkable and her treatment of songs so memorable.

    Jeanne Regan

  3. Tunedoctor says:

    Dear Eva,
    We who loved you and your exquisitly beautiful voice and guitar, will painfully mourn your passing forever. I am so thankful for these video and sound recordings of you that help ease our time in this life until we can be with you and hear you sing again.

  4. Tears whenever I her your voice. RIP beautiful Eva.

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